Really hope that today's registration about you to gentle

Laurel water who is wasting away this autumn,

Endless thoughts of beating the cold junctions,

Gaze around you I never felt the monsoon,

Thoughts on the coastal road along with the flow of chaos,

What is no more than that was very much familiar with heavy rain and the sky.

How many times a person to walk alone in the fork junction,

To capture lost tenderness,

Really hope that today's registration about you to gentle,

But back to back, however,

Only shook some unfamiliar faces make me feel inside.

Air conditioners continued to freeze my hands,

Borneol every breath condenses into white.

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Don't say what I believe an affidavit also are vows made in

Yesterday, it seems that is not far away; tomorrow, seem close at hand. However, no one knows why yesterday's take is not yesterday's dream World Of Warcraft Gold, and the exterior looks pretty safe. Who cheat who, like is just a stream not waking dream of idleness release sad words.

It is said that an exclamation point will make life too much sadness and negative. However, it was also said that some things will have to face, even though imperceptible to the changes of time, but also to accept the reality established. Change time and variable contours of vivid, no delusion and then go back. In life, some Miss really no visible signs, some injuries and no clear notice to all, that's what it is, without tight, slow, not to panic, not busy, slowly, even if you do not see the footprints, it's actually on the road.

So don't say anything yesterday; don't say what I believe an affidavit also are vows made in; do not say anything in the cup of water was warm; not to mention what ever after sth That everything is fake, refactoring is not currently any practical shape in the past that they had died in the past years, dying in subtle. Therefore, about the past better, too late to say goodbye to lost, don't give them too many tears, and do not spend too much time to repent, not own something hard is not used, just let them go to the place to go!

Not for yesterday's tomorrow, today on the way, not for yesterday's people. Plot of a chapter in yesterday, today, the future of the statement, all becomes the story of the past, however didn't care it gradually changes, regardless of their inability to accept the rebel, all is true, everything is cruel.

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The selection of a good and a bad choice of difference

Live for what? I have long had a answer to this question. Never thought to who says, but I was well aware of. Then slowly discovered that this is a very complex issue WOW Gold, a lot of people, including around, have tangled. My answer is very simple, for the fun of; at least, for me, Yes. In my opinion, the answer is obvious. Not because I'm extraordinarily clever, very mature or thought. Instead, because I thought, very basic, very simple, so everything I do is for the fun: that, in order to be happy to do it, was happy to do it. Maybe I dreamed of a pain past is pleasure guaranteed, or/so I enjoy it.

Want to have a synonym: dream. It's nice, that only exists in the surreal color memorable that he can not put down. When one trading between wants and needs, often lay wants to because she is uncertain, is dangerous, but people are afraid of an unknown. This fear as well as successfully itself a suspect, as well as for its importance and joy of doubt. This is the nature of a man, is also attached to a yoke the day after tomorrow. Wants tend to bet on a lot of chips, so for fear of losing the status quo. When I lay down wants to hit the dream also was abandoned, like little Mermaid generalized into a bubble.

If live to be happy, as a selection, the selection of a good and a bad choice of difference is the comparison of happiness and suffering it brings. Indeed, the happiness is built on the pain, but a good choice of pleasure than pain. Is happy to make this thing be valuable, worth the effort.

tag : WOW Gold


I went to two bowl of Noodle With Fried Black Bean

A statue of poet, the water falls Red Lotus but Wen Yuxin, but this is not. Life at both ends, we stood in the Bank. Which of life's most persistent expectations, whether it will be slightly sleepy of heavy precipitation? Soul cloud understanding whether old worry in the Red dust away from the pain will be stranded? At this point, in the quiet of the night, who is silent scenery figure and dip into a frame? Whose eyes are those that produce a deep blue Lake Wang? Those faint soft entangled in mind who that anecdote, like flowering crushed shadows, dropping the silent deserted in the moonlight. Vertical and horizontal stumbled, string breaking, breaking the 3,000 nerd around. Breeze humid, tea smoke qingyang, revive an old dream, dreaming flowers fall, where Lady? Vain in tears tears, still adhere to a bitter in the foreseeable future be set on edge.

In the night wind, damp fog for a quarter of laughter.

Collect has in the past, fangfei memory, thought, and fare thee weel. One thought, and geological history. Suddenly heard a song of love songs in the wandering in the night sky come wearing dust, does it? In the quiet night, in the event companion, my wandering shanghuai? Music search, Lake Pavilion, a plain woman Yan Qianchen, attacking tea green shirt, coat sleeve squash, stroking-twisted strings. As if you were my dream back to the Millennium waiting for Lady, for my play stumbling of the Red dust.

A love song, thousand million times, rubbing in the Lonesome night who broke hearts? A quarter of a bustling, invite SB. time and again, burning pain who? Suddenly, piano roll, a song of huangmei Opera both the husband and wife come home or playing to the tune of, the beautiful tunes, broke the bleakness of the night. Instantly, I move softly tidal surge of emotion, can't help singing to the tune sounds, "ducks on the tree well, your lift leg lift, Castle Peak in the small building game fly eh. You're burning to eh, my cooking smell floating food fragrant garden. You raise silkworms to eh, I'm plowing. Wool you eh, I went to two bowl of Noodle With Fried Black Bean. Both husband and wife eh, built his family ". Suddenly, "THUMP" sound! The music come to an end, strings have been broken. You suddenly got up and angry eyes round eyes, arms Akimbo, a buxom lass, gas angrily extinction at the end: "you the little guy, a pair of poor prawn-like! Who gave you fire? Who raised silkworms? Who plays wool? Who built the House with you? ”。 Hum! Turn coat sleeve squash dust-proof.

tag : Black Bean


Tog came to the front of the window open the Windows rose of Sharon

Night stop, Judah was not accommodated, solitary lamp with shadow sad heartbroken.

Tog came to the front of the window, open the Windows rose of Sharon, a winter's night breeze hits, hehe, cheek. Before the evening breeze rippled the water in a Lake, Lake streamer by waves, ripples from Lotus leaf. Sadly the sky, slowly over a round of discussion on the Moon in a thin wet fog. Hanging, Dim. In the quiet of the night, still on the branches of yellow leaves, swaying falling in the night air, flowers Montreal a residual traces. To scenery, charming and a winter.

Pushed open the door, walk in the Moonlight of Bluestone trail, gap mottled tree shadows in the Moonlight a qinghui. Classy Indus lobe as the cold night air from long branch of dance, walk in the night of wandering, stands on the shore, stumbled, yoyo time stumbled, stranded feelings, eyebrow locks have to worry about complaining, loving. Displacement sigh, wrong fall time, who brushed me half blue, my life laughing? River of time, always to flow smoothly, precipitating a bustling impetuous. Journey of life saw the prosperous landscape, also saw storms the vicissitudes.

Dreams, wandering on the yellowing leaves. When I dream, gradually withered the mind. A roll of dreams, with one note after lonely nerd, and falls pond sadness-Ping. Trance, a time of the quicksand would like the fingers, slowly slipping, dispersed, and there are leave no trace. Held back under the Moonlight, lingered in his sleep tonight, Yuet Wah under light melody, unable to find silhouette you fragmentation, whether life in such a quiet night approaching old age? Each moon cycle in the World Of Warcraft Gold, any time, such as water, Red Dust lofty, I'm still mad watching your sight.

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egardless of where to go at first sight looking for always shadow of the tree

Always tall like trees and tall, like trees, lush, like tree vigor, like tree vegetation of Aloes. Regardless of where to go, at first sight looking for always shadow of the tree, the green of the tree. Perhaps, this life is to find you of WOW Gold, otherwise, why are you always in my eyes flickering, weary in our hearts!

Window tree, street trees, waterfront, Alpine trees, the wild trees, trees of the garden. Or the luxuriant, or shade, or water as the shadow, or giant hit the cloud top. Every tree is are so hard up, and every tree we can stand in a landscape of the Earth could not be copied.

Be alone without arrogance aoshi, into a forest but not overbearing. Bow draw Earth earthy fragrance, faceup embrace the sunlight dissemination of fresh and pleasant. A kind of green that is spiritual life symbol that cannot be ignored forever.

There is no reason, just like a tree, like her casual and natural, like her filter to the noise of the indifferent to peace. Although I have not meiqihezi the forest birds cannot easily catch them live in seclusion gushan Mei Yanghe elegant taste of graft, nor love bamboo bamboo bamboo by Zheng Banqiao, but gratifies. However, I seem to like the trees, well see an isolated tree, you will be tempted to go near her, looking up at her, leaves with her gaze, talking with the hairs under the Earth, all of it, is so pleasant and happy, without the slightest bondage of worldly shackles.

tag : WOW Gold




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